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Valid Until: Dec 12, 2024
Get Commissions every month that will be based on all these factors
T&Cs Apply
All Users

Maximum Bonus: 100%

Wagering Requirements: None

Bonus Expiration: 90 days

No Withdrawal Limit


The commission bonus are given by online casino website to boost up the players. Who invite their friends interested to play online casino and also to increase the members of the website. Which is a balanced benefits for both players and the website.

What are the different types of commission bonus and what are they?

The referral friend bonus

This bonus is also given to players when they complete given task from respective online casino website. Because this type of bonus is unique and very one of a kind promotion to look at.

How to apply this bonus

In every online casino website the referral friend bonus promotions will be given. You can find your own invite link where you have to invite your friends and the people who are interested to play casino, sports, slots and lottery games. When these people who are invited through your invite link have there own account and when they start playing you will receive your commission bonus.

The affiliate commission bonus

This commission bonus is not known to most of the players who are playing in the online casino websites. In this type of bonus, a player can get huge amount of commission. Only when performing the task which is given by the online casino website plus need to fulfill their terms and conditions.

How to apply

In this criteria first a player need to become an affiliate agent. He has to register in the affiliate section which will be available in the online casino website itself. After applying, there will be verification done by the customer care representative after that you will be given your own affiliate account. The affiliate account will have own referral link with that link you need to invite new players. Those who are interested to play in the online casino website, once they join the website through the given link these players will be added under your affiliate. The players have to deposit and play in order to fulfill promotions or need to follow certain website terms and conditions.

One of the best affiliate is the loss commission bonus. When the invited player plays and lose unfortunately. The lose amount will be sent as commission to the person who invited them. This commission % starts from 20% – 60% the higher the lose amount of players, the higher the commission % will be given. The affiliates commission could be given monthly or can be given weekly depending upon the website. Before claiming the bonus you have to pass the terms and conditions of the respective website or application.